Judges were impressed with the … ‘Soft texture, great flavour, good aroma and the layer of fat to keep the Turkey nicely basted when cooking’….

Great Garnetts turkey enterprise began in 1971 with fifty turkeys and has expanded due to consumer demand through the years to approximately seven thousand today, which are produced exclusively for the Christmas Market.

As with our pig farming we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest possible standards of welfare and animal husbandry in rearing, feeding, housing and processing of our turkeys. Our dedication to quality leads us to use old-fashioned traditional slow growing breeds of turkeys, linked with a non GM, wholesome cereal based ration produced to our specification at a local mill, these combine to give a Christmas dinner that is extra special in both flavour and tenderness.

We believe you the customer know what you want and with our Great Garnetts Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey we are confident that you will not be disappointed.

• All free-range turkeys have access to the paddock from dawn ‘til dusk with the protection of a barn at night.

• The pole barns in which the turkeys are reared provide plenty of natural daylight and ventilation.

• The traditional whites are free to roam on beds of deep straw which is topped up daily.

• All our turkeys are grown to maturity, not to size.

• We prepare your turkey and carefully package it so that it is ready for you to pop straight into the oven.

• We are members of the Anglian Turkey Association.